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    Hi Lynette I am on extended leave currently from QHealth but feel your pain in what seems illogical . It seems you have found great workarounds from the chat. But it does sound cumbersome and should be fixed. I volunteered to be an active part of ... See more

  • The Chronotype sub-study of the TIME trial in hypertensive patients indicates that: Later Chronotypes (Night Owls) : These individuals had a reduced ... See more

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    Hi Fiona l attended a ALS2 course in Auckland which was very user friendly and not intimidating. I read that ACRRM does allow some overseas CPD now, so maybe you could see if you can attend the one that I attended? You could outline to ACRRM your ... See more

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    Its worse than that John , GPs are being fitted up here as scapegoats for poor uptake.of ineffective policy. Perhaps it would be better to examine the other moving parts such as patient preference . Years ago when shock/horror only a certain percentage ... See more

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    I must admit here Fiona ,that I am not an expert and I have difficulty using this platform I am not sure how to delete repeat post so I will stop commenting until I am able to do these thanks Fiona and please ,I am happy to learn from you ------------------------------ ... See more