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    Please see my post in the ACRRM Connect Community "Aged Care" posted 24/9/23. ------------------------------ Bernard Gerber Dr Gerber Medical PTY LTD 61 0418745935 ------------------------------ See more

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    Ken Thanks for your reply which I am still trying to understand. Your last question can be answered easily - it is phenomenal for an Indigenous person to get a PhD when it is claimed they suffer poor education with consequent difficulty in achieving ... See more

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    I am not sure that CMAs are particularly useful to the resident of the RACF, if the GP is halfway any good at their job they will have sorted this information on admission. What the CMA is useful for, as suggested by Dr Fiona Wallace is as a sweetener ... See more

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    Specialist registration with APHRA, I'm already registered with AHPRA as Specialist FRACGP however I wanted to add my FACRRM to register as well. However, college denied to register FACRRM as additional Specialist qualification. What is College's stance ... See more

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    Good book I recommend for anyone who deals with DV cases (including GPs, police, ED staff). "In Control. Dangerous relationships and how they end in murder." Jane Monckton Smith. I found it a real eye opener, and it explains very well the steps ... See more