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    Dear Ashley, Not sure what you talk about, it says city which I do laugh as rural & remote, but maybe village is not correct either. Then it says state, where 1 option is overseas. There are some who work overseas, NZ, Antarctica, PNG, etc ------------------------------ ... See more

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    yes- managing the uncertainties . I think we got lucky that she is a good responder to acupuncture and receptive to a non drug approach. Weekly maintenance and avoidance of triggers might just keep her out of trouble pending imaging and firming up ... See more

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    To seamlessly exchange or access health information and ensure consistent understanding, it is essential Australia has agreed digital health standards, specifications and terminology. The Government 'Sparked FHIR Accelerator' program is seeking feedback ... See more

  • Exercise associated rhabdo. I was typing on my phone as I walked up from car park, and trying to save fingers. 😁 Funny story, I was at work one day working with a tall North African reg and I was looking at his arms thinking, wow look at those ... See more

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    Aw that's sad to read " it is unfortunate that the college and its bureaucracy are reluctant to allow (and sadder still, to not actively encourage) the public space here for the members to interact freely without concern that they may be cancelled ... See more